Kids Personalized Night Lights

Do you remember when going to bed was scary because there could be monsters hiding in your closet? We sure do! But then we also remember the trusty night light that got us through some tough times. At Stamp Nouveau, we have a fantastic collection of personalized night lights that will brighten up any youngster’s room.

Gifts That Will Light Up a Room

How adorable is this kids room night light? These little lights will illuminate the room and your little one’s life. These are some of our favorite products because they can say so much in such a small package. We customize our engraved night lights right here in-house at Stamp Nouveau so that your gift can be absolutely perfect.

The night lights feature a base made of solid beech wood, with a USB cord and soft white light. Our personalized night lights are available in several designs, like a fairy, unicorn, dinosaur, rockets, and more. With our super fast turnaround, those scary nightmares will go away in absolutely no time. Every one of our items is in-house tested, so from our family to yours: these little guys work wonders.

Bright Lights by Night

Here at Stamp Nouveau, we are incredibly proud of our excellent customer service. If something isn’t quite right, feel free to send us a message on our contact page and we’ll be happy to help you! Shop personalized night lights now.

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