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How it Works

Stamp Nouveau has simplified fundraising for Sports Teams, Schools, Churches, Youth Groups, Band & Non Profits


 With our fundraising program, participants use our convenient brochures to sell custom self inking stamps to friends, family and neighbors for huge profits! There is no money upfront to start this fundraiser. We provide free brochures and order forms. Orders are shipped directly to the customer – FREE SHIPPING!  No orders to separate or deliver!  Here are the basics of how this fundraiser works:

Getting Stated is Easy! 

  • Let us know how many participants you have... sales brochures and collection envelopes with order form will be sent directly to you – free of charge!   
  • Distribute brochures and kick off fundraiser (typically fundraisers will run for about two weeks) They should collect money when they take orders and put in the cash collection envelope.  
  • Collect all order forms and payment from participants.
  • Tally the orders and send Stamp Nouveau payment for each stamp sold, you keep the profit!
  • Once payment is received, we will send you the prepaid redemption cards for the seller to pass out to each customer.  Seller then gives each customer a redemption card with redemption code that they redeem on our website.  They choose their design and personalize it on our website.  We ship directly to the customer in 2-4 business days.

    Sign our agreement form to start your fundraiser. Email us at to get your fundraiser started.


       You earn $5.00 for each stamp sold!  Huge profits add up quickly!

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